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Mon, November 11 pm. Keep up the great work and happy travel always. Hi Nana! I think you would be fine to bring your main luggage with you, as there was space in our minivan for lots of suitcases and backpacks. Also I have a question, how comfortable is to travel to the dessert? I mean toilet and shower arrangements? Also how was your hotel at your first stop? Another question would be , how was the food during your trip? Was is save? Thank you so much in advance!!!! It was fairly comfortable. We stopped off for toilet breaks in restaurants, so the bathrooms were all good, and the bathrooms in our hotel were also nice.

Just a place for spending a night, but nothing awful. The food was all good — nobody got food poisoning and it was all local Moroccan food. Could you give me a runthru of the hostels and guest houses you stayed at? I was smiling while reading your blog, I got excited!

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Did you bring you luggage to Sahara desert or did you leave it at the hostel you stayed in Merrakech? I spent four days in Marrakech in total, and it takes just over a day to get to the desert. I do have posts on Marrakech and Chefchaouen. Hmmm, I think it was at some point in the afternoon, around 3pm ish. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experiences and provide insight, advice, and inspiration to fellow travelers like myself. I was wondering if early May is a time that would be ok for travel into the desert.

Also, do you have any experience with trains in Morocco that you could share? I am looking to take an overnight train from Marrakesh to Tangier. Thank you in advance! Hope you have a wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing.

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I was wondering, were the hotel rooms and tents you stayed in shared with strangers from the group like a hostel , or private for you? Was it possible to stop on the drive in case of bathroom emergencies?


They were private rooms. And yeah, you could stop to pee or whatever on the drive.

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Which tour operator did you book with? And omg did you take the starry sky photo with your smartphone? I included that in my post at the end. But at the top, there is a Viator link to an identical tour you can book online. And yep, I took that photo with my phone. This is so cool! What do you do about your luggage when you go on the tour by the way? Do people carry suitcases up on the camels lol? The tour companies have offices at the start of the sand and you can put your luggage in lockers there if you need to.

Hope that helps!

Hi Lauren. Thanks so much for your recommendation of the desert tour at the end of the post. Just got back from a trip out to the Sahara Desert, booked through Viator, and it was one of the best trips of my life. Just as beautiful as it looked in your photos. Thank you! Sounds amazing Lauren! Do you still think of this Sahara trip as one of the best experiences of your life? Hands down. When exactly did you visit the dessert?

I went in June, and still found it chilly at night. Hi Lauren, How many hour drive was the tour from Marrakech to erg chebbi? The drive sounds really tough. Maybe like, 10 hours or so? Hi Lauren, I enjoyed reading your post. I am considering Morocco as my next travel destination and an overnight stay in the Sahara is on my bucket list. I was wondering how it was like. I am guessing it was not the luxury type.

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  7. I would be looking for something in between. I like it comfortable and clean but not expensive. Any recommendations? I am not sure if Viator offers detail photos of these.

    Lauren, Thanks a lot for sharing all this precious informations about your Morocco experience. Im Moroccan and i can confirm every single information shared here. Is not too hot?

    Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2) Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2)
    Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2) Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2)
    Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2) Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2)
    Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2) Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2)
    Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2) Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2)
    Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2) Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2)
    Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2) Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2)
    Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2) Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2)
    Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2) Desert Star (Love in the West Book 2)

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