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But there's some good news to share: Playing favorites is actually a sign of emotional and cognitive growth. It helps your child explore relationships and intimacy, exercise her decision-making skills, and assert her independence. And if you play your cards right, your family can come out of it closer than ever.

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Two- and 3-year-olds are known for their fierce, but fickle, preferences. They may demand grilled-cheese sandwiches for lunch for a week -- and the next week, only chicken fingers will do. So when your child says, "Go away! I want Daddy!

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In fact, when your child plays favorites, it's a sign that he feels close to you. Swanson, Ph.

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Your child's experimentation with separation and attachment is also a sure sign that his imagination and memory are growing. He's showing that he has the ability to develop special relationships with individuals -- and that he realizes that spending time alone with one parent means he gets undivided attention, points out Lorraine McCune, Ph. He's also learning to put his feelings and desires into words, make his own choices, and exert an influence on his environment -- all important steps in growing up. What can couples do to weather a bout of favoritism?


Start by commiserating. Whether you're the snubbed parent or the guilty and overwhelmed object of your child's fierce affections, this phase can be hard. Luckily, there are ways to make it easier. If you're the preferred parent, clear out of the house from time to time, leaving your child and the out-of-favor parent alone for a while to interact -- and hopefully grow closer again.


Talk up your partner too, says Parents adviser Kyle Pruett, M. Say things like "Daddy really loves us! Aren't we lucky to have him?

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Bathtime Waves Problem : You always bathe your son, but now you're knee-deep in suds and he's screaming for his father. Solution : Reassure your child that the two of you can finish without Dad who should stay out of the room.

If the episode repeats itself nightly, though, don't set yourself up for failure. Have your husband give the bath for a while. My grandparents would have loved to go.


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My great-grandparents would have loved to go. None of them were able to go. Robert, a businessman and attorney who famously helped defend friend O.

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