The Christian State of Life

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Chapter 1: Is Marriage a Holy State. Chapter 2: Is Marriage Obligatory. Chapter 3: Is Marriage Counselled. Chapter 4: End to be kept in View by those entering the Married State.


Chapter 1: Celibacy is Possible. Chapter 2: Is Celibacy permitted, or is it a precept or a counsel. Chapter 3: Celibacy is a Happier State than Marriage.

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Chapter 4: Is Celibacy better than Marriage. Chapter 5: The Vow of Chastity.

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Chapter 1: The Virtue of Virginity. Chapter 2: The Glory of Virginity.

What Is a Christian’s Responsibility to Government?

Introductory Remarks. What is Perfection, and what is the State of Perfection. This means indifference or hostility toward the political environments and outcomes that impact our global neighbors is an abdication of Christian social responsibility for our global neighbor. Within the Christian political tradition, the state is a divine ordinance, necessary even in a sinless state Rom.

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A socially responsible Christian ethic understands that the ordinance of the nation-state—even in a fallen world—calls for prophetic scrutiny in hopes that it would be brought back in alignment with civic and moral righteousness. This is a tension that God calls Christians to live in. In lobbying for a more just nation-state for others, I am doing what I hope my Christian brothers and sisters would do for me in the context of their own nation-state Matt.

We all have a role to play.

The Deeper Christian Life (Andrew Murray, Full Audio)

The job of the missionary is to proclaim and share the Gospel, and it is the job of the lawyer and ethicist to till the soil of the political conditions that will ripen the context for the Gospel to be spread without hindrance or obstacle. Andrew T.

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    The Christian State of Life The Christian State of Life
    The Christian State of Life The Christian State of Life
    The Christian State of Life The Christian State of Life
    The Christian State of Life The Christian State of Life
    The Christian State of Life The Christian State of Life

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