The Strong Leaders Hand

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The Definition of a Strong Leader

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Edited by Sam Dresser. Politicians spend a lot of time trying to portray the leader they oppose as weak. They believe this resonates with a broader public.

What is usually meant by that is a leader who concentrates a great deal of power in his or her hands, dominates public policy, calls the shots in the political party, and makes all the big decisions in government. The appeal of someone who very consciously projects an image of the strong leader is apparent in the support for the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

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Yet, whether we are talking about authoritarian regimes or democracies, the idea that the most admirable and successful leader is one who maximises his or her individual power is deeply suspect. In the case of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, it is especially clear that a more collective leadership is a lesser evil than personal dictatorship.


Overweening leaders within a well-established democratic system can, of course, do less harm than a Stalin or a Mao. Yet why should we heed calls to strengthen the hand of the prime minister and of 10 Downing Street rather than to strengthen collective leadership within the Cabinet and the political party? The mass media are constantly urging prime ministers and party leaders to do this, that and the other, bolstering the odd assumption that the leader is entitled to have the last word on everything.

It is high time to rebut the idea that the leader we should most look up to is one of unshakeable convictions, able utterly to dominate the political party, the Cabinet and the policy process. Their attempts to do so came unstuck in different ways. To her own ultimate cost, she persuaded a majority of the Cabinet to endorse this extremely unpopular tax. Insight Notes Subscribe to our regular Insight Notes on parliamentary data, procedures and the legislative process at Westminster, including updates on Brexit Statutory Instruments - in your inbox every sitting Monday afternoon.

The Strong Leader's Hand: 6 Essential Elements Every Leader Must Master

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For each, a comprehensive global history is provided, complete with biographical sketches of every important political leader in the last century.

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I did not know, for instance, that Goebbels presented Hitler with a German translation of Thomas Carlyle's biography of Frederick the Great. They "redefine what is the political centre, rather than simply … placing themselves squarely within it".

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These are leaders who leave the economic or political system of their country altered. Brown may set the bar a bit too high here. In his view, leaders have no role in setting the goals of the party, merely in implementing them. Strictly defined, tightly whipped political parties have often acted against the democratic grain, rather than with it.

It is not clear that democracy lives or dies with the party system.

The Difference Between Strong Leaders And Aggressive Leaders

At points, I wasn't sure if Brown was describing the world as it is, or as he wished it could be. But for such leaders to succeed electorally will require a broad shift in political and popular culture. The "strong leader" may be a myth, but it is a politically powerful one. Topics Politics books. US politics reviews. Reuse this content.

The Strong Leaders Hand The Strong Leaders Hand
The Strong Leaders Hand The Strong Leaders Hand
The Strong Leaders Hand The Strong Leaders Hand
The Strong Leaders Hand The Strong Leaders Hand
The Strong Leaders Hand The Strong Leaders Hand
The Strong Leaders Hand The Strong Leaders Hand

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