The Work We Were Born To Do

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Custom Field. You May Also Like Quick view. Add to Cart. Recommended Quick view. Taylor, William C. Rest assured if you make the choice to pursue it, you will meet resistance from others — many of them the people closest to you. But you have to realize that just as it is ridiculous to tell others how to live their lives, the same is true going in the opposite direction.

“We were born to make manifest…” Marianne Williamson |

No matter what your age, you should ask yourself what do I want from my life? But do you have any thoughts to contribute or clarify? Photo by verchmarco. Good for you Milt.

How two high-school tennis teammates had their collegiate dreams upended.

New directions always have plenty of obstacles. But focus on where you want to go, and the solutions will present themselves. Hi Steve — I think that really gets to the heart of the matter. But getting to that realization in life is far from easy. But live and learn! Great as usual, but your statement that we should stop segregating people into Americans and foreigners is called globalism and that is a recipe for failure, all you have to do is look at Europe and how the infiltration of Muslims have absolutely destroyed many of their once great cities.

Like most things it looks great on paper but when applied in real life they fall apart, humans have a way of destroying such good things. Now back to your point, so true!!! He parents both with ill health and extreme ageism refuse to leave their square foot home on 40 acres even though it is falling down around them. I preach that we should retire to something else rather than this high stressed lifestyle and all we would have do is think and act outside of normal societal norms, but to no avail. Many studies show that long life and happiness is achieved when you have a great partner, but sometime it is not achieved even though you have a great partner.

I have relayed my thoughts, sometimes too hard and sometimes just subtle reminders, on the life we could have but fear and indoctrination kills it every time. That is difficult Rick. Alas, often the only way out of that lifestyle is a crash and burn, forcing the exit.


We always think we have real reasons to not change. Yes, in some cases it will be harder to do than others. It does start with knowing ourselves. So we follow the norms of what society says we should be. So we let life pick for us. I never had a plan. So I did what everybody does.

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Got a good job, bought a house and eventually started a family. I drifted into my job not by choice but I took a test and got hired. Now that I was eligible to leave my job and start my own business I have been able to think more about what I really want.

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The concept of running out of time has really taken hold the last few years. The end is the same for all. I just tried to ask the question of why we do what we do. Is it by choice or by a belief system that was given to us. I would say for me, it was a belief system that was given to me.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this the last five years but really the last year has it really taken hold. All societies indoctrinate their populations, even free ones though it is more pronounced in totalitarian and feudal societies. I think if most young people examined all the facts, far fewer would go. It teaches us the nobility of getting in line with the heard, and following the beaten path. Here is a false narrative All Muslims are criminals. Everybody from Mexico is a drug trafficker. Everybody from America is fat and has no class. All things I have heard.

Think about the things you believe because of what you are told in the media or by parents or the president. All true. One of my future predictions is that people from around the world will increasingly move from one country to another. That includes people leaving the rich countries for poorer ones where money goes farther. In the end, economics, and a desire for a good life, trump patriotism.

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We may ultimately see the end of national borders, and I wonder how people will take that? When you stop to consider all the changes that are coming upon us, same-old-same old is getting old even faster than usual. The best reaction is to figure out how to play the changes to our benefit. We are pretty far removed now several generations from the whole immigrant thing. Most people I know where born here. So was there parents and grandparents.

We Were Born to Make Fairy Tales Come True

So although it is true we are a nation of immigrants originally. Funny, you wrote things I have thought of about the borders.

My thought process has changed. I want him to think outside the box also. Of course, if he wants to go it better be for a very good reason and it better be from his mind. Thanks for the mention, not necessary but thanks anyway. I hope more weigh in on the topic. Another good article. Revalent to our changing times. A lot of people have a good life if that life is measured by societal standards. And we always move toward making it even better as we go forward.

The Work We Were Born To Do The Work We Were Born To Do
The Work We Were Born To Do The Work We Were Born To Do
The Work We Were Born To Do The Work We Were Born To Do
The Work We Were Born To Do The Work We Were Born To Do
The Work We Were Born To Do The Work We Were Born To Do
The Work We Were Born To Do The Work We Were Born To Do

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