Your Guide to Affording and Buying a Sailboat

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Factors affecting any purchasing decision are wide and varied and inevitably some compromise is necessary. For the first time buyer it is sometimes hard to know what features are important but whether this is your first yacht or not it is really important to understand how you want the yacht to work for you, both in terms of sailing as well as how you live on board. There are hundreds of makes and models of yachts to choose from and narrowing down your options can be quite a minefield. Differentiating between yacht designs is a challenge.

It is really important to never underestimate the real pleasure and emotion than can be created from owning a yacht. For most there is a real sense of pride and excitement when you walk down the pontoon towards your yacht. Recognising the early signs of this emotion during your research will give you a really good indication when you have found the right boat.

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When questioned most purchasers cite the layout and living arrangements as the most important influencing factors in their decision making, over and above sailing performance. When looking around at various yachts make sure you take all the decision makers with you. It will save you a lot of time if you can gauge the reaction of anyone else involved straight away.

You will quickly find out the key features that are important to all of you.


Attending a Boat Show is a great way to see a large range of the most popular boats all in one place. There are numerous Boat Shows throughout the year around the world. However not all the shows are supported in the same way and there are only a few key boat shows where you will be able to see a manufacturers full range of boats. So hop on a plane and take the opportunity to see all the boats you are considering in one place.

The cost of the trip is a fraction of the purchase price and well worth the effort especially if you can combine it into a mini break. Talk to a yacht broker, they are a great source of information and will happily show you the boats that they have for sale.

What You Need to Know About Financing Your Dream Boat

Tell the broker where you are at in the buying process. If you are just at the beginning of your search then make this clear at the outset. A good broker will happily help you regardless and will appreciate your honesty. There are plenty of great boat reviews available to read and videos to watch on line.

Some are generated by the manufacturers themselves and others by yachting journalists. Both will highlight the main features and benefits of any yacht and give you visual overview of layout and design. You will always appreciate the extra space so within reason buy a yacht that has capacity for you to grow into. Unless you are downsizing of course!!! Choosing the size of yacht which is right for you is influenced by many things. See what boat really works for you. Also consider the size of the boat you need. Do you have a growing family?

Will the grandchildren be spending a lot of time on board? Boat shows, like Southampton, are a great place to start looking for a new boat. Credit: onEdition.

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A broker can offer marine finance options — just make sure they are FSA authorised. Remember qualified brokers have rigid protocols in place to protect your money and client designated accounts. We can also give advice and have the experience and negotiating skills. As a result, we find that the majority of people buying are in the age range. We work alongside a bespoke Swedish charter company which allows people to buy their boats and use it for certain days a year, while the company will charter it the rest of the time. Buying a boat is not dissimilar to buying a home. You have a contract with agreement, terms and conditions etc.

We have come across some people who have bought in the US, shipped their boat over and then found it does not have an RCD. This can be done retrospectively but it will cost. A marina is a good place to keep your boat. Although not a blue water sailer, she met many of your criteria.

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Thanks for an excellent review. One thing to consider would be whether you want to do the work yourself or find a local repair shop that is experienced with yachts or any other type of sailboat you have. What does the future hold? So you are not a time traveler and not much of a psychic, but you probably have an idea of what the future might have in store. Think about that as you assess your purchase. Will you soon outgrow the boat as family size increases or will you have too much boat as your weary old body goes on strike?

Is your job likely to get more consuming or less? Is that kid of yours going to keep doing this with you or is the writing on the wall for another worthy pursuit?

How I Bought The Yacht and Afford to Sail – Sailing La Vagabonde

How much work is this thing going to be? A wooden sailboat is something to behold. It can tempt and beguile.

A beautiful woody frees the imagination — you can easily see yourself, as clear as day, bounding over the waves in a knot breeze, smiling with the sun glaring off your brand new aviators. You should also imagine yourself cutting checks because that will also be involved. The same is so for a fiberglass fixer-upper. The end goal is to sail and no one sails broken boats. Is it for you or you and others? You must think of who will be part of this adventure. What do they really cost?

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This is the dose of reality that is no fun conveying. Break out another thousand! One way is to learn how to do stuff yourself and another is to sail in a more basic way. When shopping, look around inside and outside and imagine how much things would cost, should they need replacing.

Like over there…the mainsail furls into the boom.

Your Guide to Affording and Buying a Sailboat Your Guide to Affording and Buying a Sailboat
Your Guide to Affording and Buying a Sailboat Your Guide to Affording and Buying a Sailboat
Your Guide to Affording and Buying a Sailboat Your Guide to Affording and Buying a Sailboat
Your Guide to Affording and Buying a Sailboat Your Guide to Affording and Buying a Sailboat
Your Guide to Affording and Buying a Sailboat Your Guide to Affording and Buying a Sailboat

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